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Who are we

Dear friend!

Just come to our place at least once, and you’ll become a Antikinoteatr Friend!

You can call it anything but ordinary, and I’d like to guide you through this!

Antikinoteatr isn’t yet another spot in Kyiv, it’s an outstanding project, constantly developing and showing new horizons to its guests. We’ve been open since 13, August, 2015, and located in the cultural centre of the capital – Andriyivskyy descent. No need to tell you the entire story, just saying there are 6 rooms, constantly updating. Don’t get surprised if you find absolutely new design and equipment of the rooms in a month! We’re really proud of our home-like feel, friendly guests and positive feedback. Happy to see our old and new friends here!

Here we are – the Antikinoteatr Team!

Antikinoteatr Team

Here we are – the Antikinoteatr Team!


Our force and inspiration, he’s the master of nonsense. The reason why we created ANTI-cinema was his enormous head… that doesn’t fit all the regular cinemas obviously

I’m Nastya Kalina, the founder of this space at Andriyivskyy descent

Калина Настя

At the very beginning of the project I thought nothing can work without me. That’s why I was involved in everything, literally living there! Now that all is running stable and well, I decided to take part in the creativity and organizing only, making the most important decisions anyway.

Here’s my hash tag #янастяядиректор (I’m Nastya, I’m the Boss), that stuck to me right when we started the whole thing

She’s Ksyusha Domalchuk, my partner in crime

Domalchuk Ksyusha

Her brilliant sense of humor helps her cope even with the toughest tasks! She controls all the inner work, educates and helps our staff, staying a sweetheart at the same time!

Here are our receptionists and system administrators

ur receptionists and system administrators

They’re the most important people in our ANTI-cinema! The ones who answer a million calls, give you all the details, book the room for you. These guys do their best to make your visit comfortable and special. They’ll fix a drink for you and watch a bunch of movies to suggest you something irresistible! I love and respect them for being open and fearless in any unpredictable situation.

He’s Tyoma – our graphic designer


This talented handsome guy creates incredible things! You can witness the result of his work right from the moment you enter Anti-cinema! By the way Tyoma used to work as a receptionist here, so he knows how to do a lot of things, besides designing.

Ira Krushkovskih is our content-manager and photographer

Ira Krushkovskih

Ms. Positivity and a hard-working one. Check our site and social media pages! She’s the one who answers the questions in case you send a message to us. Obviously, she hasn’t got her own pictures in display (like all the photographers).

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Many suppliers, organizers, builders, technicians, and friends who do their best for your comfort!

Dream Team

Make yourself at home!
(you can leave your shoes on)

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Команда антикинотеатра Рокфеллоу в Киеве
Rockfellowг. Киев, Андреевский спуск,+38 (096) 882 67 76