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Our rules

Sure thing our guests have privacy and we’re not peeping through the door. But we want to make sure everything is safe and secure, that’s why we have a couple of rules that everyone should follow. Read them carefully please.

  1. ANTI-cinema Rockfellow will not be liable for anything you left.
  2. The video observation is set only in the corridors.
  3. The guest should sign a document about renting the room, filling in the necessary data.
  4. The guest is financially liable for the damage he caused (according to the Ukrainian laws). Rockfellow is not obliged to hand the documents for the things that were damaged by the guest.

It’s NOT allowed to…

  1. It’s not allowed to bring and drink alcohol if you’re under 21. The guest must have an id to prove their age. The one who rents the room is responsible for every person who is there at the time of the visit.
  2. It’s not allowed to visit the place under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
  3. It’s not allowed to smoke any kind of cigarettes (except e-hookah and IQOS), break the fire safety rules, light up the fireworks and other pyrotechnic products.
  4. It’s not allowed to adjust the volume of the receiver, turning it up beyond the limit (45).
  5. It’s not allowed to disturb the public peace in ANTI-cinema and around it. You should keep quiet after 11 p.m. at the entrance of the place.

In case of violation, the administration of Rockfellow reserves the right to refuse or stop the service without any refund, also call the security.

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Our rules
Rockfellowг. Киев, Андреевский спуск,+38 (096) 882 67 76